The Mission

On November 8th 2013, Greg will be competing at the International Powerlifting League World Championships in Las Vegas, where he plans to set the all-time Master Powerlifting Total World Record.


From iXL Productions:


"Completely self-funded, we were initially planning to document Greg's training and the championship itself for future promotional use (Greg's website, speaking engagements, etc.), but after pre-production and the start of filming, it became clear that the story goes a lot deeper. What we've encountered is an inspirational tale that is just as much about the man as it is his achievements.


Once you hear this story, it's impossible not to ask yourself these questions:


How, at age 50, is Greg continuing to get stronger and stronger? How, after 38 years, does he continue to do it 100% drug free? How can he run a successful car dealership and also manage to train at such a world-class level? And, perhaps most inspiring, how has he been able to accomplish so much while also coping with manic depression?


'Mission 2013' will answer all of these questions and more."


In order to create a feature-length documentary and do Greg's story justice, iXL Productions is turning to you, the community and the individuals that will benefit most from it. The goal is to raise at least $30,000, which will help cover additional costs of filming, travel, editing and other post-production expenses, as well as to help get the finished product out in the festival circuit when the time comes.


As a thank you for your support, all backers who contribute $100 or more will receive this exclusive gift package:

* Digital download of the completed film

* Glossy 8x10 autographed press shot

* Your name in the SPECIAL THANKS section of the film credits



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