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With the P4P Campaign launched, Greg Stott has made a full-time commitment to go where no person has gone before. With more than 39 years of training, competition and setting world records in strength, Greg's vision is now set on becoming the oldest person on the planet to lift a total of one ton, or 2,000 pounds, in competition.

Within the sport of powerlifting, this milestone of strength is so significant that the iron warriors who achieve this monumental accomplishment have their names placed in the 2K LB. Hall of Fame, forever elevated amongst the strongest of the strong. Few have attained this milestone of RAW Power at any age—on drugs or not—no matter how long they have lifted or intend to lift.

RAW is defined as not using or wearing support gear that can enhance the lifters performance or total. RAW powerlifting is the purest battle of man against iron. The uniform worn is comprised of a singlet, t-shirt, and shoes. A weight belt is optional.
In a single competition, a lifter is required to perform three separate disciplines back to back, all in front of judges who examine each lift by the strictest of standards. So what makes totaling one ton in competition so hard? It's simple: It is really, really HEAVY.


The breakdown of how a lifter can arrive at a 2,000-pound total in competition can be achieved through many different numeric combinations, none of which are easy. Below are Greg's chosen numbers:
                   SQUAT         BENCH       DEADLIFT            TOTAL          AGE
                    700 lbs.   +   500 lbs.   +    800 lbs.       =     2,000 lbs.         51
The Journey
Along the way, Greg's goals are to set the All Time Master Total Record in two different weight classes. First in the 242 lb. class, and then as he ramps up his training and puts on mass to be the oldest person to ever total 2,000 pounds in competition, he will also be setting All Time Total Records in the 275 lb. class.
Numerous other world records will be broken along the way, too many to list. As Greg follows his own personal roadmap to success, his complete training regimen, diet, and medical evaluations, as well as his interaction with family, friends, competitors, fans, fellow lifters, and the cold iron showing no emotioin that he must face each day, will be captured on film. iXL Productions will be chronicling Greg's journey in order to produce

a motivational and inspirational documentary of this historic expedition of strength and human potential, helping to showcase that age really is just a number and we are only 

limited by our own imagination.

History in the Making

Join Greg on this historic expedition into redefining human potential and strength.


By becoming a Backer today, you will:

  • Help us to advance the study of anti-aging and strength development

  • Help us to chronicle the life principals and training techniques that are
    needed to go where no person has gone before over the age of 50.

Most importantly, you will be taking a stand with Greg to show both youth and adults alike that there are NO LIMITS DRUG FREE in the greatest race of all, The Race of LIFE!

Pound for Pound
2,000 = Total pounds to be lifted by Greg
2,000 = Backers needed to support the journey
1 Pound = $100
To reach our funding goal, we need each Backer to sponsor a minimum of one pound.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, money orders, and personal checks.





 Please make checks and money orders payable to:

Greg Stott
PO Box 265

Sanford, NC 27331

To say thank you for your support, all Backers will have their name featured in the credits of the documentary; you will also receive a signed, limited-edition photo of Greg in competition, when he becomes the oldest person to ever total 2,000 pounds RAW.


Only Backers will be given exclusive access to view special photos, videos, as well as  behind-the-scenes footage from the documentary being filmed about this historic and monumental journey that is now underway. 


Thanks in advance for your support! 



Informing, Motivating & Demonstrating




Don't forget to Friend Greg on Facebook and Subscribe on YouTube for regular updates.on his journey.



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